About Us

OSME Education provides fully managed service for overseas students. We are committed to helping them overcome the cultural and language barriers between China and UK, making overseas study easier. In November 2020, OSME Education Ltd. has been endorsed by University College London (UCL), and we are officially setup in the UCL enterprise Base. This means that our team can get the fully supported by the UCL enterprise base and we have access to various university resources. OSME Education Ltd. can provide academic management, life management and emotional management services. These are crucial to assist young students in every possible aspect of their life, to help them adapt to the new environment quickly and bridge the gap between China and UK.

Why choose us?

Endorsed by University College London

Provide Niujian entrance examination and interview training, and match the same professional tutor.

Highly qualified academic support team

Have a strong team of British local tutors and strict tutor screening mechanism.

Tailored applications support

Online teaching platform
Real-time interactive class

We provide fully managed service

To help international students overcome the obstacles of English culture and language.

Based in London, we have an in-depth knowledge of British education

Focus on UK top private school applications and UK curriculum training.