Homework Tutoring 

As a leading course training center in the UK and a consulting company for further education, we are an education consulting company officially endorsed by UCL University College London, G5 University in the UK. We provide professional UK private school courses and entrance exam training to students from all over the world. Our team of star tutors are all graduates of first-class universities such as Oxbridge and G5 in the United Kingdom. They have British PGCE and QTS teacher qualifications and rich teaching experience. Through customized course content and learning method training, they have successfully helped many students to significantly improve their subjects over the years. After gaining grades, they were sent to world-renowned universities such as Eaton, Harrow, Oxford, and Cambridge for further study. 

Why choose OSME Yixuetang? 

We have a very strict tutor selection mechanism and training standards. The tutors not only have rich teaching experience, but also adhere to the student-oriented concept and are full of enthusiasm for education. We provide tutors with a powerful tutoring database, internal exam questions and exclusive tutoring resources, and the latest school exam information and policy changes to ensure that course content is updated in a timely manner.

How is tutoring conducted? 

Our online teaching platform enables students from all over the world to seamlessly connect with our UK-based tutors, and one-to-one real-time interactive lessons. Interactive functions such as video calls, teaching whiteboards, and courseware transmission maximize face-to-face teaching, while enjoying the best quality teachers and course information in the UK. We provide students with targeted teaching plans, teaching aids, homework, academic supervision and other services. 

How effective is the tutoring? 

Whether online or face-to-face, the key factor is how well the teachers are? Can they build trust, truly understand their child's needs and provide engaging and effective instruction? A good tutor can ensure that despite being on both sides of the screen, they are still keenly able to capture the child's emotions, states, and needs.

Our teachers 

We have a strong team of local British tutors to provide professional customized course training for students aged 5-18. Through a strict tutor selection mechanism, training standards and customer evaluation tracking system, we ensure that tutors not only have outstanding academic backgrounds and qualifications, but also maintain enthusiasm for teaching, are friendly and responsible for students, and can guide and accompany students to grow and progress for a long time. When assigning tutors, we will also take into account the different ages, personality characteristics, academic levels, and training needs of students in order to match the best and most suitable tutors.