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1. What is a UK private secondary school?

In the UK, all non-government-funded secondary schools are private secondary schools. The public schools in the UK that parents yearn for are actually all private secondary schools. "Public schools" are synonymous with top private schools, not public schools in the literal sense. Private secondary schools include single-sex schools and co-educational schools with excellent students. Most of the students are from families above the middle class in the UK. The school has strong teachers and first-class facilities, which can provide students with a high-quality learning environment. After graduation, most of the students can become political or economic and the elites from all walks of life such as finance, so it is called "elite education". 

2. What are the advantages of studying in private secondary schools? 

The quality of teaching is often the primary consideration for parents when choosing a school. The strength of teachers in private secondary schools is also unmatched by many other schools. The excellent test scores of British private secondary schools are undoubtedly a good guarantee for students to be promoted to top schools. It is also a good guarantee for their universities. Provides a solid foundation for employment after graduation. According to data, less than 7% of students in the UK study in private schools, but they occupy 50% of the student places in the two universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and 93% of students in private schools in the UK can enter the world's best universities for further study, and 80% of the society. % of the key personnel are from private schools, and private school celebrity alumni are all over the world. In addition to many of the British middle class, the British royal family, prime ministers, cabinet members, celebrities, etc. all have private school backgrounds. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson graduated from Eton College and formed a new cabinet. Nearly two-thirds of the members graduated from private schools. education system.

Compared with other schools, the teaching of private schools is more focused on subjects such as modern languages (French, Spanish, German, etc.), mathematics, chemistry and physics, which are necessary for entry into top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College in the future. Preparation courses. Private schools also attach great importance to cultivating students' interests in sports, music and drama. The first-class facilities are equipped to help students develop different specialties and hobbies to the greatest extent. The school often organizes large-scale sports competitions and encourages students to actively participate in it. They provide a good development platform for children to develop their potential to a greater extent. In addition to academics and specialties, private schools are also committed to cultivating habits and talents that will benefit students for life, such as the cultivation of social etiquette, leadership, risk-taking, social responsibility, and more.

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3. What is the application process for private secondary schools? 

The main admission nodes of UK private secondary schools are Year 7, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 12, and the corresponding exams are 11+ exam, 13+ exam, 14+ exam and 16+ exam respectively. Most boys' schools require students to enter Year 9; while girls' schools are basically enrolled in Year 7, and can also choose to enter Year 9. The application for secondary schools generally spans several years. It is necessary to start preparations 2-3 years before admission. The preparation process includes: registration several years in advance, taking pre-tests, entrance examinations, and interviews. After getting the admission notice, you need to continue to prepare. , Only after passing Common Entrance can you successfully graduate from primary school and finally enter the target middle school. Students admitted to Year 10 generally need to register at the target school in the summer of Year 8 or at the beginning of the semester in September of Year 9 at the latest, and take the test and interview of the target school in the first or second semester of Year 9. After getting admission Enrolled in Year 10. Students enrolled in Year 12 need to register with the target school in the summer of Year 10, and take the test and interview of the target school in the first semester of Year 11. After being admitted, they will enter the school in Year 12.

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4. What can we do? 

Due to the complexity of the private school system in the UK and the independent admissions policies of each school, we will provide targeted advice and suggestions according to the specific situation and needs of different students, and formulate the best school application plan. We are good at applying for top secondary schools in the UK, and have a far leading success rate, number of admissions and application experience among UK local educational institutions. After evaluating students, we can give accurate judgments and suggestions, and formulate the most suitable secondary school plans and test preparation plans for students based on family needs.