UK private school Application


UK private school education is also known as "elite education". Their educational principles are in fact the same as those we advocate for the holistic development of the "moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic" education model, plus the education and development of "presentation skills, leadership and special skills" in a total of eight areas. This principle of education runs throughout the UK private school system.

There are many different types of private schools in the UK, such as preparatory schools, boys' schools, girls' schools, co-educational schools, international schools and Sixth Form Only schools. It can be dizzying and overwhelming to choose between the different stages of schooling. Many Chinese parents are so preoccupied with promotion rankings or school fame that they often lose sight of the most important principle: The best school is the one that suits your child.

What makes the private schools in the UK so successful? The private school system in English-speaking countries such as the US, Canada and Australia have all proliferated from the UK, while many of the UK's private school education groups have successfully established prestigious public schools around the world, in Europe, Asia, Africa and even the US. The secret is that each public school has its own identity and focuses on specific groups of people and students, such as academic, musical, sporting, or both. So, the best school for your child is the one that suits your needs.

Also, if the child is at a younger age, he or she will have enough time to adapt and learn, so that he or she can improve step by step and get into a better school at different stages. 

UK primary and secondary school application process

Before making an appointment to visit a school, you need to choose different schools according to your personal situation.  The UK's top private schools are highly demanding and difficult to apply for, so the application period is usually open in the first few years of enrollment. Due to the large number of applicants, the earlier you reitsger the better. For example, such as Eton and Harrow, registration usually starts one to three years in advance and costs between £100 and £400, which is non-refundable.For example, the main age of entry to Eton is 13 and the application form needs to be submitted before the child is 10 years and six months old in order to continue with the subsequent process. If applying from China, you can take the UKiset test first. Some particular schools also have special requirements for registration times, which need to be noted in advance.

The application process of British private primary and secondary schools can be roughly divided into three parts: school visit, application and registration, and entrance test. However, every private school is different, so these steps are just a general division.


UK Private Primary and Secondary School Application Flow Chart

In the application process, there is a need for examinations. Different schools have different requirements, and there is no uniform standard. Most use Common Entrance test scores. Some schools use the unified examinations of CEM or GL and other examination bureaus, and some schools have their own propositions. If you are applying for: academic, athletic, music or art scholarships, in the following process, you will add an interview for your expertise or submit a portfolio. The top private schools have to pass five hurdles, and the competition is very fierce; and some of the time processes will be very long, and the preparation time will also take a long time. Some schools take 2-3 years to prepare (such as the application of the well-known Harrow, Eton and other schools). 

Special attention should be paid to the age stage and age of admission or application: 

  1. Reception Year, that is, a small preschool class in China, 4 years old

  2. British Year 1, which is the domestic pre-school class, 5 years old 2. British Year 3, which is the second grade in China, 7 years old

  3. British Year7, which is the sixth grade in China, 11 years old

  4. British Year 9, equivalent to the 8th grade in China, 13 years old

  5. Year 12 in the UK, the first year of A-level study in the UK, equivalent to the second year of high school in China, 16 years old


UK private school age and grade comparison table 

What are the nine public universities in the UK? 

Origin 9 is the honorary title given to the 9 best and oldest public schools in the UK by locals. The legendary Nine Colleges not only attracts local British nobles, royal families, and children of dignitaries, but also to parents all over the world, they are like a shining diamond, attracting everyone and taking pride in entering the Nine Colleges. On the one hand, it guarantees the children's university admission, which are basically top British or American universities. On the other hand, it also hopes to establish a strong personal connection for the children from the middle school age. 

They are seven boarding schools: 

Eton College 


Harrow School 

Winchester College 

Westminster School 

Rugby School 

Shrewsbury School 

Two day schools: 

Merchant Taylors' School 

St Paul's School 

Has the highest reputation in the UK.