Study abroad, how to apply for British middle schools?

  Now that we have decided to follow the route of international education, who can't have the dream of Oxford and Cambridge? To tell the truth, compared with the difficulty of realizing the dream of rattan school, it is easier to enter the dream of "niujian" - just enter a good middle school and show your style of learning hegemony.


  Before introducing the official account of 7 boarding schools in the nine major schools, Mr. Hu Benwei introduced some "distance" to the nearest secondary schools in Cambridge. Some parents have begun to interview Mr. Hu and start planning their children to apply for Britain's top middle schools.


  Don't talk about the epidemic. After all, even if you start applying right now, the earliest place to apply is 2022. Generally, you have the opportunity to enter school in 2023 or even 2024. What epidemic are you worried about? Instead, you should be worried that by the time you want to apply, I'm afraid the positions will be filled long ago - it's a truth that good schools never lack students.


  To get back to business, what good schools can let children learn in Oxford? Today, Mr. Hu Benwei introduced some excellent private boarding schools in Oxford. There are also excellent students in the day school, which will not be introduced for the time being, because Mr. Hu has always insisted that everyone should study in boarding schools as much as possible, even if they apply for Meigao. Of course, the number of boarding schools in the United States is extremely limited. It is "no choice" to apply for day schools, but choosing day schools should choose those with excellent teaching quality and guaranteed service. Mr. Hu will specifically talk about this issue in the future.


  In the UK, there are several private schools that are always attracting people's attention. They are even cited when discussing the tendency of Niu Jian's admission. One of them is Magdalen College School modlin college school in Oxford, which ranks among the top in the UK in terms of the number (or proportion of graduates) of students admitted to Oxford University and sword bridge university every year, It can be called the "through train" School of Oxford University and Cambridge University.


  The school started as a part of modlin College of Oxford University and was the "affiliated middle school" of Oxford University. Speaking of this, Mr. Hu Benwei couldn't help but sigh. It seems that the high schools attached to famous universities are very powerful. Is there any? This is like the "high school attached to the National People's Congress".


  Magdalen College School was founded by William of waynflete in 1480. It has a history of more than 500 years and is located in the center of Oxford.


  The school was originally a boys' school and began to recruit girls in 2010. Now the number of students in the school is about 900. The campus has a vast area, beautiful environment, flourishing flowers and trees, classical and elegant school buildings, and the quiet qiuville river flows slowly.


  Well known schools include: William Tyndale; St Thomas More;  Noel chavasse (won two Victorian cross medals in World War I); Ivor Novello (composer, singer, actor); Sir Basil Blackwell (press); John Caird and Sam Mendes (Director / producer of drama and film); Nigel Starmer Smith and Jim Rosenthal (sports commentator); Sir Tim Hunt (Nobel Prize winner in medicine), et al.


  Academic life and educational quality


  The school has won the title of "Sunday Times private school of the year" for many times, ranking at the forefront of the A-level of the British Post and telecommunications.


  The latest ranking is that modlin college school won the 6th place in the UK and the 3rd place in the southeast in the "guide to top independent (private) schools" of the Sunday Times in 2020.


  Basic courses include art and design, biology, chemistry, Chinese, computer / information and communication technology, design and Technology (DT), drama / theater research, language courses, English literature, French, advanced mathematics, geography, geology, German, government / politics, Greek, history, Italian, Latin, mathematics, music, philosophy, photography, sports, physics, PSE, Religion, Russian, Spanish, etc.


  Over the years, about 99% of the students got A-B in the exam, and about 1 / 3 of the graduates entered Oxford and Cambridge. In the GCSE test in 2020, 96% of the students taking the test at modlin College received excellent scores of 9-7 points (a * - a). 2020 is a challenging and difficult year, but the students of modlin college still achieved very good results in the A-level test. The proportion of a *, a * - A and a * - B was 54%, 87% and almost perfect 99%.


  In 2020, a total of 42 graduates entered Oxford University and Cambridge University, and another 99 students entered other member universities of Russell Group University.


  Outside the classroom


  Students at modlin college are more than just academic excellence and promotion to first-class universities. Sports, drama and music are the strengths of the school. The school is also responsible for providing 16 students as choir singers to modlin school. Principal Timothy hands has always insisted on encouraging students to respect learning and explore students' interests in learning as much as possible. Indoor activities include archery, bridge, chess, choir, debate competition, speech, etc; Outdoor activities include skiing, photography, visiting the theater, entrepreneur internship and so on. All kinds of activities let students have fun and harvest at the same time.


  In recent years, modlin college has added a number of modern facilities and equipment, including teaching building, computer center, squash court, gymnasium and tennis court. Our school cares for students' growth and is committed to making students succeed both inside and outside the classroom. The school has rigorous teaching and excellent students' performance. Music, art and drama are the traditional advantageous subjects of our school. In addition, the school offers a number of sports, the students have a high level, and often win the championship in football and hockey County competitions. In recent years, sailing has also won many awards.


  Compulsory for school students: football, cricket and hockey; There are also more than 15 optional sports: track and field, badminton, boating, judo, squash, rock climbing, etc. The school sailing team recently won the championship. The football team won the first and second place in regional competitions in different grades, and won the championship in Oxfordshire (U14), and the cricket team won the championship in (U12 and U14).


  CCF and community service are compulsory for all students for two years, and the school also carries out the Duke of Edinburgh Award. More than 60 societies are available for students to choose from: Archaeology, bridge, Christian Union, computer, general education, natural history, politics, debate, drama, history, outdoor activities, etc.


  How do I apply to modlin college?


  For Chinese students, Mr. Hu Benwei has always advised parents to send their children abroad when they are a little more mature. To apply for the top private schools (public schools) in the UK, you usually apply for grades 9 (13 +) and 12 (16 +).


  If you apply for 13 + (Grade 9), you need to take a written examination and interview. Normally, the school requires students to apply and take the 13 + preparatory entrance examination in Grade 6. By grade 8, take the 13 + entrance examination, which includes English, mathematics and verbal reasoning. The school believes that there is no need for special preparation for this exam. But Mr. Hu Benwei believes that the term "school" is aimed at British students.


  Because the examinations such as ukiset required by the school are very different from many tests in China, Chinese students, especially those in public schools, even the so-called "Xueba" may not be able to achieve satisfactory results in the examination without certain training. Spring Lion International is one of the few institutions in China that provide high-quality ukiset, Cat4 and other British secondary school entrance examination training, which can help students get better training before the examination and pass the examination required by the school.


  Written examination and interview are also required to apply for admission to grade 16 + (grade 12). Students need to submit their application before the end of October of Grade 11. In addition to requiring an IELTS score of more than 7, students should also take the word reasoning test, and require students to achieve 9-8 points in the GCSE subject corresponding to the proposed subject of A-level. Obviously, the difficulty is not small.


  Students can apply directly to the school or get correct suggestions from formal and professional institutions for studying abroad.


  Spring Lion International has long cooperated with many top middle schools in the UK to recruit agents and provide entrance examination training required by ukiset, Cat4, ISEB pre common test and other top private schools (public schools) in the UK. Spring Lion International provides comprehensive services and courses such as school consultation, application, entrance examination and IELTS training to solve all matters of students applying for British secondary schools in one stop. You can directly contact spring Lion International Peiyou and interview Mr. Hu to get more specific suggestions.


  Oxford deo middle school, founded in 1977, is a private mixed gender boarding school for grades 7 to 12. More than 65% are British students. International students are over 14 years old. The full boarding school is located in Oxford, an important academic town in the UK. Nearby are the natural history museum of Oxford University, Ashmore Museum and Oxford castle, and adjacent to many colleges of Oxford University. The school has a first-class faculty and excellent academic atmosphere. At present, the school ranks 10th in the UK private boarding school.


  The school has beautiful environment and advanced facilities, and its school running conditions have won the top grade (the highest grade) in the rating of ISI (independent schools inspector), the authoritative inspection agency of private schools. The guide to famous schools evaluates German and European Middle Schools: "full of vitality and laughter".


  De'ou middle school ranks 27th in the Times UK private school (mixed gender education). Oxfordshire has made the fastest progress, with the top 1% of elite middle schools in the UK.


  Academic life and educational quality


  De'ou middle school pays great attention to the progress of international students. In order to help students adapt to the teaching and curriculum in the UK, a one-year pre IGCSE course (year 9) is opened, including English, mathematics, science, humanities, language, art, music and drama.


  In addition, de'ou middle school also offers a one-year IGCSE course, which is suitable for students who fail to catch up with the application of grades 9 and 10. The courses include: major subjects: English, mathematics and science; In addition, two elective courses must be selected from the following subjects: art, biology, business, chemistry, French, geography, German, history, physics and Spanish; Plus track courses and your own language (if any).


  In the A-level stage, 35 courses are offered for students in German European middle school, and students generally choose to take 4 A-level courses. The specific choice of course combination depends on the professional requirements of students applying for University. The University's entrance consultant will provide suggestions to students. A-level courses include: English literature, classical civilization, philosophy, history, art history, geography, Politics & government, religious studies, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, ancient Greek, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, art, music, music theory, photography, textile design, drama, film research, mathematics, advanced mathematics, economics Business research, biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, sports, media research, psychology and sociology.